See Gods and Immortals

See Gods and Immortals

Living Legends 8 is this weekend at CPX Sports in Joliet, IL! (May 15-17, 2015)
If you have ever wanted to battle shoulder to shoulder with the men and women that made paintball what it is today, LL8 is the time and the place. is sending our own Living Legend to this years event, Blake Musser. Mr. Musser started with in 2001 serving as the Director of Operations and Editor for many years. Mr. Musser has been playing paintball since the late 1980's. If you get a good shot of him at LL8, send it to us and well do something cool for you in return. BTW, if you are playing with a classic Black Magic, watch out, he is keen to get a hold of the marker that made him legendary. ~ PBc

Living Legends is a national paintball event hosted by the world-famous CPX Sports. The concept is to honor those who helped create the sport of paintball and those who have shaped it throughout it’s history. The weekend long event is a 2-day scenario event produced by Viper which gives enthusiasts the unique opportunity to play alongside the living legends of paintball in what is widely regarded as the must attend event of the year.


Every great warrior hopes to go to Valhalla. Valhalla is an after world full of the most deserving and fierce warriors from throughout history. In Valhalla there is an eternal battleground where these warriors fight for valor and glory every day. The slain are then resurrected the next morning and, again, face each other on the field of honor.

In the fray two great warriors have taken their places as leaders of two great armies, with some of the greatest commanders of all time leading their legions of troops on the field.

“The Titans” are led by the one of the greatest architects of warfare; Sun Tzu. At his right hand is William Wallace. Leading his five legions are Joan of Arc, George S Patton, Alexander the Great, Spartacus, and Richard the Lionheart.

Facing him across the battlefield is the commander of “The Immortals”; Xerxes and his XO Ivan the Terrible as well as his legion commanders Vlad Tepes, Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Hirohito.
Event Rules:
Viper Living Legends rules pdf

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