Popular players head to Supergame

Popular players head to Supergame

April 28th, 2015

Sonny Lopez and Greg Hastings have announced they are traveling to the
Pacific Northwest this weekend to play at Supergame 48! Both players are
well known around the world for their abilities on the field in multiple
formats. They want you to join them at this historic event. This is your
chance to play with them, shoot at them and get a picture with them while
at the biggest paintball event of the year on the West Coast.

What is Supergame? One of the best run ongoing paintball games of the year.
Most people in paintball know that this weekend is one of the biggest
paintball games of the year. Supergame is thrown once a year by legendary
paintballer and promoter Dan Bonebrake at the amazing Sniperz Den paintball
field located in St.Paul Oregon. The game is designed for new players and
experienced players alike. The action does not stop all weekend long
including, night game, mini 3 man pump tourney, Saturday Supergame and the
historic Sunday Spoils of War format that is the highlight of the weekend.

Sonny Lopez is the head coach and owner of the LA Hitmen team who are
celebrating their 10 year anniversary this year by opening the long awaited
Hitmen Academy in a remote part of Colorado. Greg Hastings is without a
doubt the world's most famous paintball player and has numerous video games
released on multiple platforms in his name. Greg is one of the most
celebrated players in the history of the sport participating in all forms
of the sport in his 20+ year career. Be sure to say Hi to these two
ambassadors of our sport if you get a chance to meet them at the event.

For more information:
Supergame 48 www.supergame.tv
Greg Hastings www.r7usa.com
Sonny Lopez www.lahitmen.com

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