Shoot deer in Ohio?

Shoot deer in Ohio?

Posted 9:18 pm, August 30, 2014, by Darcie Loreno
AVON LAKE, Ohio -- An Avon Lake councilman has come up with what may be a unique idea for keeping deer out of people's yards: shoot them with paintball guns.

Councilman David Kos says the concept is to shoot the deer by their hooves to scare them out of people's yards and away from their plants.

He said residents can't use a real gun or a bow and arrow in heavily populated areas, and other methods of trying to scare away the deer just haven't worked.

"Residents have tried banging pots and pans, tried taking hoses and squirting them, and it doesn't work," said Councilman David Kos. "So how can we get the deer off the property from a distance and do it safely without significantly injuring the deer, and that's where the paintball alternative came from."

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has had a lukewarm reaction.
PBc Editor: Over the years, has heard/seen many unconventional uses of paintball equipment ranging from tactical use on WTO demonstrators to problematic seagulls and geese. Paintball is an extremely safe sport and given a safe ball speed and a safe distance it shouldn't have any long lasting ill effects on the deer. We would suggest using a white filled paintball as they tend to mark less.

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