13 Questions with Marcello Margott

13 Questions with Marcello Margott

By Roger Ursenbach
Let us just start by saying there is just no stopping this guy! For those of you who are not familiar with Marcello, he started his paintball career on DYE KIDS then moved to such pro teams as SD Aftermath, LA Ironmen, San Diego Dynasty, LA Infamous, Moscow Red Legion, and now the LA Ironmen again. Currently Margott is the ranked #2 player in the PSP according to the PBA stats and has had two world title wins under his belt since the age of 19. What is in store for Marcello this 2013 season? Who knows, but we, like so many of you are eager to find out! Paintball.com recently had the opportunity to catch up with the epic Marcello Margott for a couple minutes to ask him a couple questions.

1) Please tell us your full name, age, and place of birth?
Marcello Nicholas Margott, 22, Thousand Oaks, California

2) You started playing paintball at what age?

3) Always played paintball in speed mode or sometime scenario played / wood?
I started back when air ball was just being started. My first days were on mounds fields, spools fields, and hyper ball.

4) In his early years playing paintball his family supported him?
Absolutely. My dad and I started playing together. We went every Saturday as a father son activity.

5) At what age did you start playing paintball professionally?
I made my first pro team at 15

6) Did you have any idols in paintball, that person that always motivates and inspires us? Who?
Oh for sure. Everyone needs some kind of role model to look up to. I was fortunate enough to have players like Matty Marshall, Billy Wing, Oliver Lang, Ryan Greenspan, and others to look up to. I learned a lot from

7) Can you play paintball professionally and studying at the same time?
I have yes.

8) How do you see the evolution of paintball in the last 5 or 10 years?
Obviously the economy hurt everyone. I think the sport is absolutely on its way back up. We just need people to keep playing paintball. Introduce the sport to anyone you know. Generate business.

9) What has changed in his professional playing career after he joined the team of Russian Legion?
Not really much changed. Of course we did things a little bit differently but I have always had an intense work ethic.

10) They continue with the philosophy of hard to play easy? What is your training routine, how many hours a week are dedicated to training?
I train almost every day. The only days I take off are to rest. During the week I'm in the gym or at the paintball field and on the weekends I'm at the paintball field. Of course I do other things as well. Paintball is just a huge part of my life and I'm too stubborn to take time off.

11) For you what is most difficult? Become or remain a professional paintball player?
Well naturally the first toughest thing would be to become a professional paintball player. You need to work hard and get noticed by a professional team. Staying pro is very similar. You must continue the hard work and only focus on ways to get better. Each week you have to find ways to bring your talents to a higher level. Whether it is in the gym, on the field, or something you do to prepare mentally.

12) Every year younger players come to the league of professional players PSP for you ... this is a trend or just a coincidence?
I think kids are just learning at a younger age. This is a result of the sport growing and kids starting to play paintball younger than before. It is a good sign.

13) Any message, comment or recommendation especially for players who are reading us now to finalize this interview?
Yes. We are all in this together. If you want paintball to grow then do everything you can to help. Bring your friends out to play paintball for their first time. Show family and friends paintball access. Get people involved in what we do. Let the story be told so we can hook as many people to our sport as possible. We have an amazing thing; people just need to learn about it. Players work hard and grind. Everyone says they want it, but the question is, how bad.
With the 2013 season getting ready to start up, we are anxious to see how his presence on the legendary Ironmen will change the team this time around. We here at Paintball.com and Giant Sportz would like to thank Marcello for his time and doing this interview with us. We would also like to wish Marcello continued success in his career this year and the years to come!

Photo Credit: Dye Paintball // Taken at Hollywood Sports Park in Bellflower, CA

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