Marcello Margott and the LA Ironmen

Marcello Margott and the LA Ironmen

(Photo Credit: Dye Paintball / YouTube Credit: DYEPAINTBALLVIDEO)
It was only a few weeks ago that the rumor was floating around of Marcello Margott leaving the Legion to go back to his roots on Ironmen. If you haven't heard and with all speculations aside, it is made official that Marcello Margott (#33,  2 PBA rank) has signed on to play the 2013 season with the Los Angeles Ironmen. The exciting news comes as a warm welcome to many.  Margott's story of trials and tribulations laced with injuries during his early career (torn ACL, Meniscus and Cartilage in his knee) and follow-up performances shortly after is awe-inspiring.  
With the momentum on his side and no signs of slowing down, it seems that this "come-back kid" has never really left.  In fact,  Margott should be able to help an Ironmen team that often times struggled throughout the 2012 season.  His experience playing alongside previous teammates in DYE KIDS, SD Aftermath, San Diego Dynasty, LA Infamous and Russian Legion is proof-positive that Margott possesses the winning ingredients that can shift favor for the LA Ironmen in the upcoming season. This is not Margotts first time playing for the Ironmen, he played with them recently in 2007. Here is a video of him playing on the team.

Here is also a list of his Divisional and Pro tournament wins:

Pro Wins
2007 PSP LA Open 1st place
2007 NPPL Kansas City 1st place
2007 PSP World Cup Orlando 1st place
2008 NPPL Buffalo 1st place
2008 MILLENNIUM France 1st place
2008 PSP World Cup Orlando 1st place
2009 SEVENS Perth, Australia 1st place
2010 PSP Chicago 1st place
2012 NPPL Las Vegas 1st place

Division 1 Wins
2006 NPPL Tampa, FL 1st place

Division 3 Wins
2005 PSP Los Angeles 1st place
2005 PSP Orlando 1st place
2005 PSP MAO 1st place
2005 PSP Chicago 1st place
2005 PSP World Cup Orlando 1st place

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