Check out the new CCM Pump Marker

Check out the new CCM Pump Marker

(Photograph courtesy of by Josh Bassard. YouTube video courtesy of painthappy)

By Roger Ursenbach of Giant Sportz

So you like to play pump do you? Think your T2, Sanchez, or MVP is the newest hottest pump? Think again! Now we bet you are probably  boggled....What are you talking about?  There is no new pump around. Pfff! Wrong! Check out the new CCM pump that does not even have a name yet, and also can't be ordered least not yet! This sweet machine can only be ordered from CCM themselves.


With the marker being in the first production run there is very little information from CCM. Pricing in at anywhere from $760-$800 depending on color choice, the first run is 46 markers. the marker will feature new additions such as a barrel kit, to the markers Internal Auto-Trigger, New Valve Cartridge, Integrated Rail for ASA built into the Grip Frame, New Mini Regulator, Metal Single Trigger, and a Twist Lock / Release Bolt (no more pin to pull).


With most traditional CCM pumps going anywhere from $600-$700, do you think the new upgrades are worth the extra chunk of cash? You be the judge and check out the beautiful photo and this video (good stuff starts at 30 seconds).



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