Happy Anniversary Grip Paintball!

Happy Anniversary Grip Paintball!

(Photograph courtesy of www.grippaintball.com)

By Roger Ursenbach of Giant Sportz

Happy Belated Birthday Grip Paintball. For those of you who are not familiar with Grip Paintball, they are one of the biggest sources of paintball coverage from Europe. One year and 19 days ago on Nov. 25th 2011, the creators of this prestigious paintball magazine got together in a bar in Cascais, near Lisboa to celebrate the start of a new project. With many dreams and aspirations for this new project they knew they definitely wanted quality content, excellent photography, and to make a difference by being the best European paintball magazine. The way was never easy with sleepless nights, weekends away from families, and hours shooting pictures under the rain or a burning sun.

Sure enough a year later, they are sure to have created a magazine that is considered to be a success. Not only due to the numbers they have reached, but also because they have surpassed their original goals. the company now has an incredible 5,000 Facebook fans and 12,000 readers. Above all and in a very humble way, they have always wanted to be an example to everyone and to show that with hard work, you can do something wonderful, even in recession times . Grip wanted to be bigger and better, but, above all, never to lose the essence that brought them here: to promote paintball and to nurture new friendships.

We would just like to say Congratulations Grip Paintball on the successful year! Keep up the great work and good luck in 2013.

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