Paintballer: The Paintball Book

Paintballer: The Paintball Book

By Roger Ursenbach of Giant Sportz

Are you a weekend warrior that has a difficult time explaining to your girlfriend or significant other why you love paintball?  Why you come home from your local field with a barrage of welts and bruises the size of quarters on your back, yet smile to her where they came from?  Why she is missing out on the thrill and the excitement of a sport that she doesn't understand?  Well, save your breath...the perfect stocking stuffer gift for the holidays is here to help explain your argument on what paintball is, how it came about, where it is today.....complete with breath-taking photographs courtesy of  Romain Manière.


On November 5th the new book Paintballer: The Paintball Book was released....and the he world of paintball was captured as never seen before. Rich Telford takes readers on a tour to help discover the key players and personalities as well as the legends who made the sport what it is today. Boasting 244 pages and 400 photos...get a chance to meet the greatest players and teams that have forever changed tournament history across the world.


The book also takes you on a voyage to relive the sports incredible journey, from its inception in woods to the fan-filled stadiums of today. It also captures the intensity of a game, broken down into its key moments, from break to win.  Above all, live the life of a true professional player, filled with defeats and victories that make paintball the most intense sport of our times. Simply put....The Paintballer is a book entirely dedicated to paintball.

The book also features a wide-variety of interesting topics:

  • Paintball origins : Bob Guersney, national survival game, Beginning of NPPL

  • Paintball woods tournaments. USA and Europe/

  • Stadium invasion, How paintball invades Stadiums.

  • The game : A dissection of the game. Every moments of a paintball game is focused. From the chrono to the victory.

  • The Stars, A selection of 20 emblematic players.

  • The teams : All the biggest teams that have dominate the tournaments over the years.

  • The faces : People who live for paintball.

  • Paintball life : Living the tournament life.

The book is an invaluable collection to your argument with your non-playing paintballing significant other.  It is a must-have that will share the lowdown on paintball from the start as well as the path is has taken making this the perfect game winning source of info.




To order your hardcover today, visit: or pick up your copy at any fine bookstore


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