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Nov 23, 2012
by Burt Talcott
President -, Inc.
Do you want a chance to help make the best paintball video game ever?
GHTP is giving those players/teams willing to stand up and help out, the opportunity to be in the game or the ultimate, have your entire team in the game.
For those of you on the other side of the counter, you can associate your brand with a product that is sure to set a new standard.
I can't remember a time since I started in August of 1999 that I have come out and asked for everyone to get behind a project like I hope we all get behind this one.
Greg Hastings and WXP (creator's of the first GHTP game) have teamed up again and have opened up a project on [project link] where you can acquire fabulous perks like these:

  • Your name in the credits
  • Copies of the game
  • Your character in the game
  • Your TEAM in the game
  • Key to the BETA
  • Exclusive Digital content
  • Exclusive project updates and videos
  • Greg Hastings will personally sign your butt cheek (ok, I made this up, but for Fanitics and up he should)
  • MORE...
Seriously, Greg and his partner made some outstanding games. They brought features to the game that seem so simple, but were firsts in the gaming world. I know, nobody out there except Ron Kilbourne has ever cheated (at least you aren't a liar. Love ya man), but the cheat meter was brilliant and incredibly realistic. Then there is the ability to switch gun hands. Ever seen that in Halo or Call of Duty? I think not, that is a GHTP original. I could go on...
So, if you want to see more creative ideas like those with sick new equipment, players, fields and action sequences, step up to the plate and support GHTP Maxed 2 TODAY!
~ B
PS. You can always bump up your support later, but do something today [Support GHTP on]

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