Greg Hastings @ Flag Raiders

Playing new venues has been at the height of my excitement on my 2012 TOUR.  Visiting fields like Veckring, France. Euro Big Games’ new playing area, and yup, Canada! Our neighbor to the north has some of the best fields in the world.  I have had the pleasure of traveling north more often than usual this passed year, and the experiences have been great.  I’d say the Canadians know how to have some good old fun, with less “attitude”, which impresses me because this is an environment where there is a high probability that a newer player may come back and escalate his/her interest in paintball. So if you ‘re looking for intense action and a real sense of fun and community, you should most definitely check out Flag Raiders in Ontario. The event I attended was the Phoenix Project. Check out some of the highlights from the event and make sure you add them to your travel plans next year. Enough of this! Video is worth a million words!

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