Scenario paintball just got a bit sexier.

Scenario paintball just got a bit sexier.

Admit it.

You were probably one of the many people that logged in over 21 million hours on your Xbox360 or PS3 since the premiere of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops II game last week. With all the gamer geekiness aside, the allure that the COD franchise offers has always been their arsenal of sexy weapons that you could choose from. For some of us, the comfort of the couch was never enough compared to the fun and exhilaration of “merking” your opponents in the form of a fun-filled game of paintball.

Enter the Dye Assault Matrix.

If you missed Dye at the PSP World Cup or have not seen the The DAM™ in action, this is definitely one sexy beast. Is it groundbreaking? Is the price a bit steep? What's so fascinating about the the DAM? One thing for sure is that Dye did not pull any punches when designing a marker from the ground up to be a definite 'must have' ultimate product for tactical players. Built on the Matrix platform, the DAM is sure to be a hit with players looking for the traditional quality of the esteemed Dye brand.

The Dye Assault Matrix provides the industry with a stunning tactical marker that gives users the performance of a high-end tournament marker, as well as the aesthetics and features that tactical players need to thrive on the battlefield. The DAM™ has the ability to switch from a Magazine Fed system to a Loader Fed system with the flip of a switch, it can seamlessly change firing modes (semi, three round burst, full auto), comes standard with Picatinny rails for accessorizing, a gas-through frame, an easily maintainable bolt with a quick release system and built in hyper regulator, clamping feedneck, competition-style single trigger frame, Dye Tactical Sticky Grips, and much more. The Dye Assault Matrix delivers the perfect combination of performance and versatility, catering to all styles of play and giving users that edge on the scenario field that only Dye can provide.

Still not convinced? Check out this video.

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