Mission Impossible Scenario 3 is here!

Story by: Gigi Cervantes @ giantsportz.com

The brainchilds of the famous annual Decay of Nations: 24 Hour Paintball Scenario game series held at SC Village in Chino is taking Southern California back to grass roots with their follow up event, the Mission Impossible: Scenario Event #3 at Hollywood Sports Park.  The final event in their 3 part paintball scenario series is a 2-day event beginning on November 24th through November 25th.  The event will begin with their "Black-Out" Game (a game that the park is notoriously known for...except this time, they are pushing for an unprecedented 2 hour non-stop mission based game in complete darkness).  On the following day, the Mission Impossible event will continue with another incredible day of "Impossible Missions" that pit all paintball enthusiasts alike, from beginners, weekend warriors, and tactical paintballers in a series of games that will test each team's teamwork, skills, and mission planning....traits that have made this series a success.  The Hollywood Sports team will also introduce a "Kill-count" bragging writes system that is sure to entice players attending the event.

MIP event directors Vinson "Gadget Soldier" Flores and Mic "ZenMic" Chow are extremely enthusiastic about the event. "We put on and run events that we would want to play," states Gadget.  "We saved the best for last....and THIS is the event we REALLY want to actually play!" ZenMic jokingly adds.

For more information, check out www.hollywoodsports.com or http://www.facebook.com/events/191741517623296/?ref=ts&fref=ts for more details.

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