Interview with Ryan Greenspan

Interview with Ryan Greenspan

 One of the founding members of San Diego Dynasty, arguably the most dominant paintball team of time, recently sat down with us for a quick interview.
Name: Ryan Greenspan
Current team: San Diego Dyansty
Past teams: I have been a guest on over seas teams such as Mercenarios (Brazil) Syndicate (Germany) Menace (New Zealand) and some others.  
Years playing pro:12
Favorite event ever: Spyder Cup in 2000
Favorite gun: My signature edition GEO3
Favorite goggle: E-Flex
Favorite dinner food: a nice bone in Ribeye steak
Favorite band/dj/artist: impossible to say.
Favorite movie: Captain Ron for comedy/adventure and a toss up between Blood Diamond and Man on Fire
Favorite position? Mid

Who develops the game plans for your team?
It is a collective model we run on.  Everyone gives input and we come up with some good ideas. a lot of trial and error within practices

What is the best way to get sponsored?
you have to create a solid brand or name before you can make yourself valuable to a sponsor.  try to keep a positive attitude as well.
What types of non-Paintball activity
do you do?

I surf, dive, spear fish, travel the world, cook, and do anything that seems fun and interesting.
Favorite drill for practicing before an event?
running and shooting, I can always work on that.
I can't say, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.  They are both good leagues.
How do you like the 2012 NPPL format?
    It is much more fun!
 If you could run the PSP OR NPPL for one event, which went would you want to run?
    Huntington Beach.  There is so much to do there, so much potential.
What would you do at that one specific event?

If I knew, I would be running that thing!
Where do you see yourself in 3 years in paintball? Same team? Same sponsors?Same league?
Same team for sure!  I can never leave this team.  I hope our relationship with our sponsors remains strong!

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