Greg Hastings Skyline Nation Part 2

Skyline Nation was most definitely a challenging event for me. I can see why many of these guys take it so seriously. You have to!! Believe me, everyone was focused on fun, but some guys really brought the A game, so I had to match that all the way.
Some seriously good Canadians challenged me, on many occasions. In case you were wondering why I used my CCM the whole time, I wanted to challenge myself even further. Plus, I needed the range, AND I needed to outlast the other players. It was very difficult to reload once I committed to the large format fields. You just had to be able to stay out for an hour, in direct combat.
With a pump, you can manage your paint and be a deadly factor for a long time. Sign up for this event next season. It’s quite amazing and well worth it as paintball destination. Enjoy Part Two and look for the amazing Skyline Nation pistol fight vid coming soon.

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