Greg Hastings Skyline Nation Part 1

I was invited up by pro wrangler, Reid Moynihan, to another Canadian event that has been an annual event for several years now. They limit the number of players to 100, so it’s killer ADVENTURE trip for the lucky and hardcore few.
It was immediately shocking to me how excited and motivated the participants were to get playing and PARTY. Most were outfitted in some realistic MilSim gear, and many had some serious hardware. Snipers were everywhere, as First Strike round were permitted though out the weekend. I was fortunate enough to not be hit by any snipers, thank god, but this event was most definitely challenging. The terrain, rough and dense. Bad guy squads were anywhere and everywhere.
I highly recommend putting the Skyline Nation event on your calendar for 2013, as it was personally a highlight of my TOUR. Canadian paintball is HUGE and U.S. ballers should not only take notice, but make the trip up north! www.SkyLineNation.CA Check them out and look for my PART TWO video of this event SOON. Thanks to my sponsors and partners including Canada, for all the help!

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