Sonny Lopez Works His Pump Magic

As long as it is light out, Sonny Lopez is a killer, even with his pump he had the Canadian's on the run.
There are a couple good shots in this video. He even sneeks up on a ref.
And as Sonny says, there is a Canadian Secret Weapon at the end, but heck if I know what he's talking about between his veggies and the aero car, I didn't see it...
~ The Ed.
YouTube Quote: R7 Replay HD camera with the exclusive R7 Gun Mount on a WGP Vertibre Pump Sniper. Thank you to Underground Productz for everything including sponsoring the Canadian Carnage (CC video at Visual Reviews YouTube channel) and the Sonny Lopez LA Hitmen pump clinic. side note: At the end of this video you will see one of Canada's secret weapons in the War of 1812.

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