XPower Drops the New M18 Claymore

XPower Drops the New M18 Claymore

Unlike ordinary toy landmines, XPower CO2 Claymore is completely redesign to complete your game and is suitable for both airsoft and paintball gamers. The XPower Claymore is powered by CO2 and can be used over and over again. Its special features and functions include fired by traditional tripwire, from a distance by Clacker Remote Control Unit, and a specially designed "watch-your-back" Thermal Infrared Firing. The XPower CO2 Claymore shoots out food-graded powder and powered by CO2 with a very loud BIG BANG. Powder can be easily wipe off or wash out. With redesign adjustable scissor legs, it will support the power of CO2 and will not tip off. This Claymore can be used in both indoor & outdoor game for players under any circumstances.


1. Tripwire Set Off - simply using any wire, it can be used any kind of fishing line or wire. no electronic or batteries needed. Just old fashion way to set off the claymore.
2. Clacker Set Off - wireless set off the claymore, and also Clacker unit is the main control board to control the claymore turn on/off for claymore and look for the claymore when players forget where the claymore is located.
3. Thermal Infrared Sensor Set Off - An infrared function triggered by heat objects. Perfectly covering your back when you have entrance facing your back. Hide them around corners, under bushes, cover by leafs and so on. No one expects them to be there and usually they take out several players at once great for both offense and defense scenario.
4. Claymore Locating Function - no worry about losing you claymore. Simply use your clacker, you will able to find where your claymore is.
5. Scissor Stand - Made by Steel. Adjustable for better shooting angle. Foldable for easy storage.

Material: Heavy duty Nylon Glass Fiber Case plus all metallic internal. It is designed for durability and use many times.
Clacker Max Range: 30M
Thermal Sensor Max Range: 2.5M
Power Source: CO2
Weight: 4lb or 1.8kg (including the Clacker)
Dimensions: 8.5" x 6" x 3" (215 x 135 x 75 mm)

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