Greg Hastings at Tippmann Challenge UK

Thanks to for helping me, in the spirit of my Tour of Duty 2012, promote the best fields and events, highlight great players, and fun loving teams, who live to play paintball, just like me.

This trip took me across the pond, where I landed in Birmingham, rented a car and started my trek out to South Wales. I’ve never been.  They most definitely have more sheep than people there and apparently the Brits have lots of jokes about the Welsh, but I really enjoyed the countryside and the people I met, where I stayed in Brecon. On my way there, I was totally shocked to see some familiar faces on the plane in Philly.  It was great to see Bear D'Egidio and Ryan Greenspan.  They were like, what?  Since I don’t travel with a team anymore, It was great to be reminded I’m not the only player grinding it out, on the road, traveling to paintball fields around the world.
Bearmail to UK
Surprise, Bear D'Egidio on the flight to Europe

I was also very excited to be a part of a new game record!  The longest continuously running game it was!  Tippmann Challenge UK was the event.  It was held on a military training town, complete with realistic buildings, in a realistic country town setting, with fences and walls, and everything else you’d expect in a small country town, except this one also had burned out tanks, UAV’s flying around, and loads of enemy tanks and infantry roaming about everywhere!

 Almost all my combat was close in.  Real close.  I was even “blown up” by a flash bang that landed on my feet.  Tough weekend, but it was absolutely a “blast”.   Ha Ha Ha. It was incredible to run with all the Tippmann teams.  We had our own big tent where we able to stage and take a break from the rain and mud. Check out the action on my video from this event.


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