Valken Announces New Commander

Valken Announces New Commander

Valken Paintball is proud to announce DJ “Honu” Fox has been installed as the Valken Corps’ Great Lakes Regional Commander (GLRC).

DJ “Honu” Fox, is the Captain of Hellions Paintball Team, based out of CPX in Joliet, IL. and has been with the team for over five years. DJ and his Hellions average 8-10 large events a year, with a majority of those in the Midwest and Great Lakes areas. “My team is a constant award winner at games and myself I have won Victorious Commander for LL3 and I was the MVP of LL4. I would like to thank Valken for the chance to represent them in the Valken corps. Valken’s commitment to scenario and the overall growth of the sport is something I’m proud to be a part of”, stated the newly appointed GLRC, DJ “Honu” Fox. For more details on the Great Lakes Region of the Valken Corps or to coordinate regional games, practices or events with DJ, please visit his Facebook page.

The Valken Corps is a band of paintball players who reach out beyond their own team or group, to unite with other like-minded individuals and come together on a larger scale to enjoy the game of paintball. The goal is to give paintball players what they want – more paintball – by creating a network of players that share advice, support local fields and shops and contribute to the growth of the game. The Valken Corps highlights the fields, stores, events, teams and individuals that help make paintball the obsession we all know and love.

The U.S. Corps is divided in to 10 regions to help players connect with other locals and to help organize fields, teams and events. There are also Canadian Provincial Corps and European Corps countries, as well. Each will have a Regional Commander (RC), whose duties include leading Valken Corps players on the field and organizing Valken Corps players and teams off the field. Valken Corps Regional Commanders are a dedicated group of volunteer players with leadership experience both on and off the paintball field.

Valken Paintball will be announcing more Regional Commanders in the coming days. For more information on Valken, visit and follow them on Facebook at or Twitter at

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