Famous Voices Invade SC Village Paintball

Famous Voices Invade SC Village Paintball

Ever wondered what the voices of your favorite video game characters do on the weekends?  Turns out… THEY PLAY PAINTBALL!

This past weekend a group of some of the most famous voices in the video game industry came out to SC Village Paintball Park in Corona, CA to bring their video game fantasies to life.  What voices you ask?  

Troy Baker (Call Of Duty MW3 – Allen, Ranger, Brooks, Seals)

Brian Bloom (CoD MW3 – Yuri, Rangers, Seals, Star Wars: One Republic)

Keith Arem (CoD MW 1,2,3, Black Ops)

Valerie Arem (CoD MW3 – Female Commanding Officer)

Laura Bailey (Street Fighter, Final Fantasy XIII, Star Wars: The Old Republic)

Mary Meglynn (Final Fantasy XIII)

Sam Riegel (Metal Gear Solid, CoD MW3, Final Fantasy XIII)

Orion Acaba (Final Fantasy XIII, Saints Row III)

Bryce Papenbrook (Dissidia Final Fantasy)

So, be sure to listen up the next time you’re playing paintball at a Giant Sportz facility.  If you hear a “GRENADA!” or “Cover me, I’m reloading!” that sounds a bit too familiar… there’s a chance it might be the actual voice from Call of Duty!

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