Sneakpeek at the SAR12 PR

Sneakpeek at the SAR12 PR

The SAR12 platform is the world’s first fully convertible "bolt action to semi auto" paintball airgun. It is a true .68 cal recreational paintball /
training sniper platform with patented function and design. Brought to you by Carmatech Engineering the SAR12 holds two United States Patents. The modern design allows you to own two guns (semi auto and bolt action) for the price of one. The SAR12 platform quickly converts from bolt action to semi auto within 30 seconds without tools. Numerous accessories and options will be available for this platform.  

   - Patented "Bolt Action to Semi Auto" conversion technology
   - Patented “Reversible Magazine” design
   - Adjustable remote air or intergraded air stock
   - 18" Cocker threaded barrel for numerous barrel options
   - 68 cal paintball + First Strike round compatible
   - Ambidextrous magazine release
   - Optional front shrouds
   - Co2 and HPA operation
   - Standard magazine is 6+6 shot count
   - Warranty: 1 Year

MSRP: $999.99 USD
Production availability: September 1st 2012

If you can’t wait till September you can apply to join the SAR12 BETA Test Team (BTT). Membership is limited and carry’s some serious perks. Members will receive a Beta SAR12 before the production versions are released to help test and give feedback on the platform. Beta testers names will be public on the website and will receive Beta Test Team pricing on SAR12 purchases. An exclusive patch and shirt are included in the program so team members can proudly show off their membership with the team. Email us for more information.

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