"One Night in November" by ETV

Planet Eclipse has been producing some of the best paintball documentaries for awhile now, with a focus on storytelling rather than just pure on-field action. Their latest video, "One Night in November", follows long-time pro paintball team Chicago Aftershock as they try to climb back to the top of the leaderboards.  At over 40min long, this represents the sixth full-length film for director Dan Napoli, who infuses life into each of his videos. 
“The experience making this film was really unique, as the team was sort of falling apart and evolving, and reshaping itself as we were in post-production, though all the footage was in the can,” Napoli said. “I think ultimately, (co-writer) Matt Marshall, (producer) Ledz, & I-we just tried to show what a crazy up and down year Aftershock had between World Cup 2010 & NPPL Vegas 2011. And sometimes, that’s just how a pro paintball season goes. it’s not the NFL. You have this monumental victory, four or five years in the making, and then followed by the implosion of the team two months later. It’s pretty intense.”
You can download the video for $4.99 directly from the Planet Eclipse ETV store here

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