Open Letter from Russian Legion

Open Letter from Russian Legion

We just heard from our friends at exclusive letter from the Russian Legion boys that details out their plans for the 2012 season.. Here's an excerpt:

Dear fans,

We are grateful for your support of the team and your belief in us for so many years. You are always with us no matter what: victory or fail. We believe that we may always rely on your trust. We always feel your love. When you are upset with our failures we are upset even more. Therefore we think that it would be much more honest if you get the news about the Club and its life not from the paintball forums’ rumors but from us. We will try to share with you all our news, not from time to time, but on a regular basis.

In connection with the fact that last week we finished signing the contracts for 2012, we may now move forward with talking about the future of the Club.

There were no big surprises for us regarding the roster for 2012. In the beginning of November 2011, we had determined the roster for 2012. This roster is almost the same as the one you may see on our website. The only thing is, to be completely honest, we were making a big stake on our great player and veteran of the Club, Mikhail Knyazev. His experience would be very useful for our young players to learn how to play on the top level. But Mishka, due to some reasonable circumstances, was not able to bring his best as before to the training process and he has also received a very good offer from another American paintball team. According to all of these circumstances, he behaved as usual, very honest and fair. We sincerely wish him luck in his new project. A little bit later we will publish detailed information regarding other players that have left the Club for one reason or another. They’ve done huge work for the Club and for paintball in Russia. Some of them left the Club due to great offers from other teams, some did not receive an offer from us, and some feel very tired after hard years of practices. But life does not stop and all of us continue to go further.

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