Pro Team Avalanche Changes Name

Pro Team Avalanche Changes Name

Our moles inside the tournament paintball industry have confirmed that St. Louis Avalanche will be officially known as New England Avalanche for the upcoming 2012 competitive season. The news was confirmed by team captain Frank Connell, who also plans to institute a new divisional farm team system within his organization in the coming months.
Here's the full release:
St. Louis Avalanche, one of the most successful and legendary organizations in professional paintball, is making history once again by relocating from St. Louis to New England and organizing as a professional franchise with a complete, robust divisional feeder program. This dynamic move by team Owner & President Frank Connell, one of the most successful players in professional paintball, includes a merger with Dave Archibald’s northeastern divisional team program, Identity, along with other noteable groups and a rechristening of the professional team as New England Avalanche!

The intention of the relocation of Avalanche to the New England region and merger with Identity is to create a true professional organization, incorporating a “farm” system that will welcome and develop players from the divisional ranks and encourage their upward mobility into higher divisions of play while providing those players with the inspiration of being selected to play professionally for New England Avalanche as their skills are honed. Teams within the New England Avalanche program will compete in all National Professional Paintball League (NPPL) seven-man competitions in 2012 and also participate in the NEPL regional series, in addition to other possible national and regional events.

Frank Connell, Owner & Team President, expressed excitement about the move and merger. “It’s time to make Avalanche a household name and what better way to do that than by positioning the organization to have teams in all divisions!”

Dave Archibald, Vice President of Operations & Player Development echoed Connell’s sentiments. “After eight months of hard work, I feel so blessed to finally see my vision become a reality and even more honored to be doing it alongside one of the most passionate personalities of our sport. I feel we have something very positive to bring to New England and Northeast regions of the United States.”

Stay tuned to the New England Avalanche Facebook page and the team’s new official website for information regarding team sponsors, roster, accomplishments and upcoming major tryouts for all Avalanche teams in February!


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