Spyder MRX Paintball Marker

Spyder MRX Paintball Marker

Kingman is proud to present its new and upcoming special edition scenario marker; the 2012 Spyder MRX ™.  Kingman is celebrating its 20-year anniversary by releasing this new paintball gun that takes the Spyder back to its roots and is expected to do among the best with the paintball community. Arthur Chang is excited to release the .68 Caliber Spyder MRX ™ because its unique design will exceed the player’s expectations with a “DLS” Dual Loading System. This unique design will let the player interchange the loader system with a quick turn of the players barrel which will allow to switch between the traditional load feeder system or the all-new lower magazine feed system.

“We put a lot of time and money in development for this product and can predict for it to be big for all scenario and recreational players,” said Arthur Chang, President of Kingman.

In addition to its new “DLS” design, the MRX ™ also features a realistic military look including an adjustable car stock, real steal carry handle mount with sight, a standard equipped Eko ™, and multiple picatinny rails for endless scenario modifications.

Testing out the Spyder MRX ™ came with positive reactions from players of all ages.

“This is like playing paintball back in the 80’s. It brings me back to when I first started playing and I am really excited,” said Tony Mancuso, 45, West Covina.

The clip feature has young players excited to play paintball because they are able to use multiple clips when using the clip feature.

“I played with the hopper and clip but I prefer playing with the clip because it was like playing Call of Duty. I can’t wait to pay my first 24-hour big game,” said Dan Red, 14,Beverly Hills.

Kingman stand by its philosophy “Pursue the ultimate without paying the ultimate price,” and will have the Spyder MRX ™ a special anniversary price of $229.99.

The 2012 Spyder MRX ™ is exactly what paintball needed and with amazing new features, Airsoft will have a run for its money.

To watch videos on the Spyder MRX ™ features and animation on the “DLS” Dual system feature, visit www.spyder.tv/mrx.

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