JT Forms Relationship with Junior Brown

JT Forms Relationship with Junior Brown

XSV and Pro Player Junior Brown to Guide Legendary Brand as JT Reemerges in Paintball!

A longtime paintball player, competitive athlete and respected member of the paintball industry, Junior Brown of Sacramento XSV will advise the JT Paintball brand. In his advisory role, Junior will help to shape the direction of JT and return it to the forefront of competitive tournament paintball.

“I’m excited to be an integral part of JT Paintball’s future,” said XSV’s Junior Brown. “But I’m also humbled, as some of paintball’s best teams and biggest names enjoyed their greatest success wearing and using JT Paintball products. To follow in their footsteps and help guide the JT Paintball brand through its resurgence will be an honor.”

“With Junior’s experience and insight, JT Paintball will be able to expand product lines and widen its reach throughout the world of paintball,” said Jason A. Taitano, VP of Marketing. “The XSV team and Junior are active ambassadors for the sport and have been a tremendous link between our retail partners, the new player and the established paintball market.”

For more information about JT Paintball products and news, go to www.JTPaintball.com. You can also stay connected with JT Paintball on Facebook and Twitter.

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