GA's Lifetime Pro Fill Nipple Program

GA's Lifetime Pro Fill Nipple Program

Take from the GA website:
Don’t you hate the feeling when your nipple gets pierced? The pain and agony! You want to go out and play but you are too busy suffering from your pierced nipple. Well at Guerrilla Air we feel your pain! We think nipples are a beautiful thing that should never be pierced and should remain the way they were the first day you got them.

We are talking about you regulator Fill Nipple of course…

With the fill nipple being the ongoing issue of the regulator world, they are the bane of every paintball players’ existence. Between dirty fills, flash fills, superman dives and gallons of paint being flung around, your fill nipple is bound to give you grief sooner or later. That is why Guerrilla Air™, in true Guerrilla fashion, is launching our new Lifetime Pro Fill Nipple™! With its Patent Pending design, this fill nipple will be THE LAST FILL NIPPLE YOU WILL EVER NEED TO BUY! Guerrilla Air has tested this fill nipple so many times and with so many teams that we are proud and confident to say that if for some freak reason your Lifetime Pro Fill Nipple™ ever has an issue, we will repair or replace your fill nipple for FREE for the life of the fill nipple!

So the next time you see a Guerrilla Air sales rep or walk into a dealer selling Guerrilla Air product, make sure to ask them about our nipples! Learn more at

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