Chicago Legend Wins DC Challenge

Chicago Legend Wins DC Challenge

After a number of close calls and constant building and revision, Chicago Legend has finally locked down a solid victory, taking home the gold during the NPPL DC Challenge.  In typical dramatic fashion, the finale was decided in a 1-on-1 against DC Arsenal, who pitted Justin Rabackoff against Legend's Damian Ryan.  Despite Rabackoff's reputation as one of the best individual players in the game today, Ryan was able to come out on top and secure the championship for his team. You can witness that epic battle below.

Pro Paintball Division

1st - Chicago Legend
2nd - DC Arsenal
3rd - Portland Uprising
4th - Chicago Aftershock

Division 1 Paintball
1st -  Impact Echo
2nd - Warped Army
3rd - by Understood
4th - PAP All-Stars

Division 2 Paintball
1st - TCP Machine
2nd - Marine Team 1
3rd - Top Gun Evolution
4th - Cambridge Raiders

Division 3 Paintball
1st - TKO Blackout
2nd- BOOM II
3rd - MBA
4th - Justice

Division 4 Paintball
1st  - HAZE
2nd - Iron Legion
3rd - Syndicate
4th - Iron Legion – MAPL

Pump Finals

1st - Total Greif
2nd - Rockin’ Cocks

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