New "Empire Castle" at Skirmish Paintball


Skirmish Paintball USA-one of the World’s Premier Paintball Fields with over 700 acres of paintball action and boasts over 50 playing fields full of tanks, forts, downed helicopters, and city scapes, has just teamed up with Empire Paintball making Empire the official sponsor of the new Empire Castle and AXELand Playing Field. Players will now have the opportunity to rent the popular new Empire AXE Paintball Marker at Skirmish to play with on these new fields.   The Empire Castle and AXELand fields open for business this coming weekend and is sure going to be a favorite amongst paintball players.  Make sure you get there to be a part of the action and to try out the new AXE from Empire.
With the Invasion of Normandy coming up in July, players from around the world will now have the opportunity to rent an AXE for this Big Game and see for themselves the powerful punch and precision this new marker from Empire delivers.  Pro Tournament and Woodsball players from around the world already attest to the performance of the marker and now you can too, by visiting Skirmish Paintball USA in Pennsylvania.  To participate in this year’s Invasion of Normandy, visit for more details. For details on the Empire AXE, go to

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