Shoot Chris Raehl, Win $1,000 Cash

Shoot Chris Raehl, Win $1,000 Cash

From Chris Raehl:
I will be playing Chicago Open in the new Tactical RaceTo-2 division. Unfortunately, so far it appears people are so scared of my awesome paintball skills that no one is willing to play against me.

So, I have decided to make it more interesting: I will personally add $1,000 cash to the 1st Place Tactical RaceTo-2 prize package.

1st Place already gets a free entry fee from PSP, and podium finishes usually earn free paint from the paint vendors, so this means you should get back your entry and paint AND clear $1,000 cash on top.

Plus, I kinda stink, and I've stacked my team with unpracticed, over-the-hill old college players, so winning should be easy.

I would like to get 5 teams signed up as soon as possible, so I will also buy the first three cases of paint - probably all you'll need - for the next 4 teams to pay their Tactical RaceTo-2 entry fee.

Remember, you can play regular RaceTo AND Tactical RaceTo-2, so it's fine if you're already on another RaceTo-2 or RaceTo-4 (or even Pump) team.

Fine print:

- There must be at least 5 teams, including mine, that play Tactical RaceTo-2 for me to pay out the $1k.
- For the next 4 teams to pay their Tactical RaceTo-2 entry fee, I will pay for up to 3 cases of paint on your paint tab with an on-site paint vendor. So if you end up getting your paint for free, you won't have a paint tab, and that would save me from buying 3 cases of paint.
- In the extremely unlikely event Tactical RaceTo-2 does not run, I'm obviously not buying paint.
- The paint offer is only good for NEW entry fees paid - no transfers of already-paid entry fees.
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