Planet Eclipse to Halt New Gun Editions

Planet Eclipse to Halt New Gun Editions

For many consecutive years now many of the top paintball industry giants have fallen into a routine of producing brand new editions of their popular gear, especially when it comes to their markers.  This is a huge departure from the first 20+ years of paintball, where guns like the Autococker, Automag and others stuck with a classic design for long periods of time and relied on the users and third-party aftermarket parts to make each gun unique. 
A number of paintball community figureheads have credited the huge downfall of the pball industry to the fact that players could not keep up with having to buy the hottest and newest gun every 12 months from their favorite company, which lead to many turning to buy used equipment from the internet.  It is commonly believed that the product makers should stick with a reliable edition of the best existing gear and focus on marketing that for a long period of time, which is exactly what Planet Eclipse appears to be doing. 
The company has announced that they will not be producing a Ego 12 for next year, breaking a long chain of annual releases.  PE released their own statement on the matter:
"Rumours, Rumours…….

People seem to start speculating on the next model of marker almost as soon as we have released one. As always the rumour mill is hot talking about the next EGO.

The EGO has been in a yearly cycle of new releases pretty much since the inception of the EGO platform in 2004. We feel the time is right to stop the annual revision to not only give R&D more time to develop and test new innovations but to also extend the life and value of the current model. The performance of the EGO11 has surpassed all of our expectations and the list of upgrades and improvements was going to be so small we have taken the decision not to launch an EGO12.

The EGO will stay as is now with the same great features and body shape until we feel the time is right for the next generation of EGO. This will not be determined by time or season but by research and development through innovation and passion. The EGO11 name will change at some point as we will be deleting the year stamp but the EGO name will continue!

We hope you embrace this move, which will hopefully give everyone a much more stable platform to promote and market the existing models in what we all know are difficult times. The world wide economy is on the mend, but it’s going to take time. We have listened and taken on board concerns of end users and dealers alike and we hope this decision will please everyone.

Many Thanks,

Planet Eclipse"

So far the news has been met with almost unanimous approval from the players, who agree that it will be best for both the industry and the community if our remaining paintball leaders put more of a focus on growing the sport rather than needlessly expanding their product line.

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