Canadian Triple Crown Launches Website

Canadian Triple Crown Launches Website

The CPPL (Canadian Professional Paintball League) is pleased to announce that Team registration for the 2nd annual Canadian Triple Crown event opens this Sunday, May 8th at 8:00pm sharp. Held in the resort town of Salmon Arm BC, June 11-12 2011, the Canadian Triple Crown is Canada's largest, most accommodating and inclusive paintball tournament. The event draws teams from the newly aligned CPPL, the IPL (Interior Paintball League), and many more teams from all over Canada and the western United States.

The tournament will host five different divisions, including 5man, 7man, and X-ball. Prize packages for winning teams will again be the largest offered in any regional event in North America or national paintball series in Canada.

The event will offer every player and spectator comfort possible, including Canada's ONLY multi company paintball massive trade show!

Details on travel deals, host hotel, entry fees, paintball prices/brands, live webcast, and many more details will be released when we launch the Triple Crown website next week!

CLICK HERE to visit the CPPL website. 

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