The Scenario Player's Handbook

The Scenario Player's Handbook

So now we hit the point and time for military tactics for scenario players. Well, put on your camouflage uniforms, tie your boots, and grab your gun cause its time to hit the books.


To any good military and even scenario squad there is a standard set up, for example I will explain a set up for an 8 man Expedition Unit (Special Forces):
•    A Commander (like a Captain and such)
•    A Squad Leader (like a Sergeant)
•    A Heavy Gunner
•    And then about the rest of the team would be all riflemen (normally their would be a medic and a radio man in each unit, but there is almost no real need for them in paintball.) A two man sniper crew can also be a good thing to have. Remember one man is the sniper, the other is the spotter.

The Heavy Gunner has probably the toughest job of them all. Because he carries’s more gear and equipment on him compared to the others, and he provides the heavy fire that is needed to save the lives of his unit. So this brings me to the reason of this article, TACTICS.   

Alright, here is the situation: A Navy Pilot was shot down over a very hostile area where the foreign enemy has orders to kill any American military. The Pilot is slightly injured and is only armed with a pistol and a small amount of ammunition. Your teams’ mission is to rescue the Pilot and get out alive.

To really set the mood in place the area is all jungle, and your team is wearing all Special Ops Paintball gear (from head to toe, maybe even camouflage under shorts).

So you think the mission sounds like a walk in the park right? Keep this in mind, there are only eight in your team and there could be hundreds of people that want to kill you. To make matters even worse, the nearest friendly area with your fellow troops is about 9 to 10 miles away in each direction. Now that’s a good amount of trouble you are walking into. As you walk through the jungle heavy machine gun fire starts raining down on you. This is where this very small field book will come in handy!

Ok, so let’s set up the scene for these next few little tactics I am about to explain:
About fifteen feet away is a machine gun nest shooting all kinds of paint at you. You and your squad are hunkered down behind a fallen tree, which is giving adequate cover. Here is a great way to take the bunker out:

Covering fire is a great way to get your squad safe from harm. Flanking is a great secondary action that works great with cover fire. So here is the set up:
•    About four or five members of your squad take cover and get ready to fire, while the rest of the squad finds a route that can get them in an area where they can eliminate the gunner and who ever else is in the bunker.
•     The command is given “Covering Fire!” The four or five men that are hunkered down pop up, and start firing as best as they can (without getting hit) at their enemy. As they shoot and draw the enemy’s attention the rest of the squad moves out to a second location and tries take the enemy out.

MAJOR NOTE: For the men that are covering fire, keep in mind that your goal is not to kill or wound the enemy. If you do kill or wound him even better, but your main goal is just to provide protection for the men that are moving to a better position.

The key for this to work is that all the men covering fire for the squad must keep firing till their squad is safe, and when you need to reload do it quick and go back to shooting. This means a loss of a good amount of paint, but is worth it in the end. Once the rest of the team gets to their second position its now time to kick a little butt. If a player has a grenade but is a little too far to get it to land in the bunker he should run to take it out. Yes it sounds a little like suicide, but if you’re smart it will work out fine.

So here again, the rest of the second squad gets into a good position to put adequate fire on the nest. As they start to fire the player with the grenade charges the bunker, pulls the pin on the grenade and tosses it into the bunker, hopefully going off and taking out the enemy that was shooting at you. Now one thing to remember, for those doing the cover fire in any sort, remember not to shoot your own guy. Yes their might be a time where he accidentally walks into your shot, but try not to hit him.

Now none of what I just explained to you has to be done exactly this way, maybe their could just be two guys that broke away from the main group that needs to do this. All that you really need to do in that situation is just do the same steps and hopefully everything will work out as planned. If it does not work to the exact expectation it is always good to have a backup idea in mind.

So after that little fight you find the Pilot, he is going to be fine. You hike it out to a friendly zone, and go home being hero’s, or just pulling your weight in a scenario game.

Hopefully what I explained here can some how find its way in a scenario game and hopefully keep your team alive. Now go out their and have fun, and keep in mind the word fun, that’s what this game is all about.

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