Living Legends Pre-Registration Ends Soon

Living Legends Pre-Registration Ends Soon

Living Legends is an annual paintball game that takes place at CPX paintball field in Chicago, IL. Now entering its forth year, Living Legends has grown fast in both size and reputation as one of the most exciting paintball events of the year.

While initially started as a way to honor those who have served the paintball community over the years, it has since evolved into an event in which paintballers from all over the world (of varying experience and skill) look forward to.

The weekend long themed event, produced by Viper Paintball is sure to be exciting and enjoyable for participants of all ages with rental equipment available for those who need it. While the main events happen on Saturday and Sunday, sideline events also take place from Friday onwards, in addition to a trade show.

In addition, the NPPL Chicago Open will also be played the same weekend at CPX Sports. Combined with Living Legends, the 2 events will form one of the most memorable paintball events of 2011!

To pre-register, please CLICK HERE!
As a bonus to everyone participating in Living Legends 4 and NPPL Chicago Open, there will be a 5-man scenario tournament centered around the Tippmann town of Bedlam at CPX Sports. Each team will play the role of both Terrorist and Counterterrorist. The winning team will get $750. Entry is free to all paid participants. Play begins on Thursday, May 19.

For more information on the NPPL Chicago Open, visit the NPPL website.

For more information on Living Legends IV, visit

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