New Paintball Billboard Campaign

New Paintball Billboard Campaign has teamed up with Giant Paintball, who owns and operates five of the top paintball fields on the West Coast, to run a freeway billboard campaign designed to encourage new players to get into the sport.  Giant Paintball, whose fields includes the world famous SC Village Paintball Park and Hollywood Sports, will be offering heavily discounted paintball passes through the site.


Currently there are already three billboards up along two of the busiest freeways in Southern California, with more expected to go up shortly.  An estimated 40,000 potential paintballers are exposed to the signage everyday, making the partnership between and Giant Paintball one of the most viewed paintball promotional campaigns of the last ten years. 


Right now customers can save up to 80% on paintball passes for various Giant Paintball locations through  CLICK HERE to visit their website.

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