The KT Challenge Heads to Chicago

The KT Challenge Heads to Chicago

Kingman Training is hosting the much anticipated KT Challenge competition at the Living Legends Paintball event in Chicago, IL May 21-22, 2011. Earn up to $3,000 cash at the ultimate adrenaline rush skills competition played with the KT .43 Cal. markers. There is only one requirement for competing, that you play with a KT Eraser or Chaser marker. Click here to register now.
Registration fees are a thing of the past… now when you purchase a Kingman Training .43 Cal. marker you will receive a free entry to the KT Challenge*. Kingman Training provides players with the ultimate value, recently announcing the retail price drop on the complete KT product line. The Chaser .43 Cal. marker will now retail for $74.99 (was $179.95). The Eraser and Chaser Player’s Pack will now retail for $99.99, the lowest price ever offered on these flagship KT products (was $229.95).

The KT Challenge will feature two separate events; a double elimination 1-on-1 Competition and a Target Shoot top score event. The 1-on-1 Competition will be played inside the 50' inflatable KT Arena. Games will last for 1 minute where the first player to mark their opponent or grab the center flag to their corresponding color will advance to the next round. The Target Shoot top score event will be played inside the Kingman Training Shooting Cage where competitors will take aim at targets to accumulate the highest overall score for the event. Competitors can select to play in both events or choose one of the two.

Earlier this month the NPPL Surf City Open hosted the first leg of the KT Challenge in Huntington Beach, CA where competitors challenged each other in a 1-on-1 Competition and Target Shoot for their chance at claiming $3,000 cash from Kingman. In the end it was Derrick Obatake from the LA Hitmen working his way to the top of the brackets in the 1-on-1 Competition to go undefeated claiming the $2,000 cash prize. “The KT Challenge was a fun and exciting venue with great competition. I was just lucky enough to come out on top. Thank you Kingman for all you do for paintball.” says Derrick Obatake from LA Hitmen. Aidan Lee was spot on in the KT Target Shoot claiming the top score and $1,000 cash prize.


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