NPPL Surf City Open: Day 2

NPPL Surf City Open: Day 2

The sun has set on the second day of the Surf City Open, a day that many in attendance believe could have been one of the most impressive Saturday’s in tournament paintball history.  Tens of thousands of spectators flooded the both the grandstands and vendor village after the course of both the afternoon and the morning, creating a spectacular sight and proving that paintball is truly ready to come out of its recession and return to former glory.

Pro games resumed early on in the day, with tickets selling faster than any other event in recent memory.  By the time the crew managed to get into the stands to shoot some crowd shots, we could barely find anywhere to stand to setup our shot.  The crowds were very receptive to their personal favorite teams, with loud applause and cheering heard throughout the day.

For the home viewing audience, the ESPN3 live webcast continued to go off without a hitch, with a number of world-class paintball commentators including Matty Marshall, Chris Lasoya and Oliver Lang  taking turns on giving their opinion of the professional games.  The fans joined the discussion through the NPPL Facebook page as well during the webcast, providing their own breakdown on the competition. 

Here are the pro teams moving on to the Elite 8 for Sunday:

-  XSV

- X-Factor

- Impact

- Legend

- Arsenal

- Infamous

- Aftershock

- Dynasty

Off the field there were a lot of individual side events going on for both the industry, players and spectators alike to enjoy.  The US Army held a special pull-up challenge featuring a number of pro paintballers who had to do their best on the pull-up bar and then sit back and watch as their fans tried to beat their record.  Meanwhile, up in the VIP booth, the NPPL, along with league President Mike Peverill, hosted a industry-only luncheon with on hand to interview the biggest names in the paintball business community.

There’s still plenty of paintball left to go for Sunday including the pro finals.  If you haven’t had a chance to make it down to the Surf City Open yet, come hit the beach and watch one of the best paintball events ever.  We’ll see you there!

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