"The Wash Test" by HydroTec Paintballs

HydroTec, a paint company formed by some of our topindustry leaders, has been continually amping up the anticipation behind their brand new type of paintball, which are made up of 90-98% water and are rumored to be the most field and player friendly paint ever made in regards to cleanup.  To help illustrate this point, HydroTec just released a video that pits their special formula against other popular paint formulas. 
After watching this demonstration we also noticed that on the HydroTec YouTube channel is another video that shows how easy it is to clean your goggles after getting hit with a HydroTec paintball. 
So what do you think of the claims that HydroTec is putting out there about their paint?  Sound off and voice your opinions in the comments section below and in our forum.

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