Dynasty Wins PSP Texas Open

Dynasty Wins PSP Texas Open

The boys are back in town!  San Diego Dynasty, long considered to be the greatest team in paintball history, has just beaten the Boston Red Legion in the finals at the PSP Texas Open.  This caps off a busy month for the team, who netted a lot of attention when it was just recently announced that pro superstar Oliver Lang would be returning to the squad for the 2011 season.  Boston Red Legion continues to be one of the most highly skilled teams in the PSP pro ranks, finishing strong with a 2nd place finish.  It would appear that we're set for another year of the classic rivalry between Dynasty and Red Legion, a back and forth competition that has been going on for years. 
LA Infamous also had a fantastic showing here in Texas, placing 3rd for the weekend, with Tampa Bay Damage rounding out the top four with their 4th place finish.  Here are the final standings for each division:


1st Dynasty

2nd Boston Red Legion

3rd LA Infamous

4th Tampa Bay Damage


Division 1 RaceTo-5

1st Total Karnage Orlando

2nd upTon 187 cRew

3rd T1 Topgun Union

4th HuSTLe


Division 2 RaceTo-5

1st Grad

2nd Static

3rd D.C. Monstars

4th Distortion


Division 3 RaceTo-4

1st Revo

2nd LA Heat

3rd PR1ME

4th Detroit Action


Division 4 RaceTo-4

1st Richmond United

2nd Central Florida Paintball

3rd Momentum

4th Outbreak TX


Division 3 RaceTo-2


2nd Richmond Rage

3rd  FATE

4th CO Ascent 2


Division 4 RaceTo-2

1st Avid Extreme Sports Militia

2nd LSD II

3rd Brutality Red

4th Valley Paintball
CLICK HERE for complete scores in each division.
To see webcast footage of some of the pro games, visit the PSP website


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