Quavatar - The Battle for Shamong

Quavatar - The Battle for Shamong

Event:  Quavatar - The Battle for Shamong
Where:  QuickShot Paintball
Info:  Call 609.268.8901
Objectives ----

Both Teams will be searching the field for Blue Crystal Energy Resource

The Blue Crystals will be hidden all over the field of play.There will be 5 Bases - Each representing one of the Quavi Tribes - The Center Base will be the Home Tree. At the start of the game there will be 5 Containers at the Home Tree Base and Both Teams will have to Fight it out to get there 2 Containers back to there Bases on there sides of the field. The center Base Container will remain there. Collect as much Blue Crystals as possible and deposit it into your Containers. Now despite each Team filling there Containers - To score the points from that Container YOUR Teams Flag must be hanging over that Base!! Each Bases will have a RED or Blue Flag!!!
Each Batch of Blue Crystals collected will be worth 5 Points

Blue Flag - Quavis
Red Flag - Soldiers
Blue Crystal - Blue Energy Resource
Poison - Red

There is also going to be POISON {Red Material} hidden on the field as well - If a POISON is tossed into the opposing Teams containers that Container will be contaminated and NOT VALID for scoring!! We will Reset that Container if this happens...
The Team who has the Most Blue Crystal and Points at the End of the Game Wins!!!

There will also be General Kills worth 500 Points!!
Generals for both sides will have Lifesize Head cardboard cutouts of the Characters faces they are playing hanging around there necks....
Quavi - Blake

Soldiers - Colonel Quazi Moto

Lunch {1 Hour} - Each Teams Points will be Logged in and the Field will be Reset and all Containers will be emptied!! Flags will go back to Neutral and Teams will Switch Sides of the Field....
B e sure to take Full advantage of our very own Mighty Joes Grill - Right next door to the field where they serve Hot/Cold Food - We will be asking ahead of time for any Food orders to better serve you....

Bonus Missions -

Helicopter and Flying Creature {ToSuk} will be cardboard cut outs that a player will hang around there neck - This player can fly with safe passage across the field from Paintballs but can be taken out by the opposing Teams Launcher!!! This can be used to Poison the other Teams Containers or Collect more Blue Crystals or Pull a Flag - Thats up to you!!

We may also see a Robot out there!! More to Come!!!

Date: March 6th 2011
Event: Quavatar
Location: QuickShot Paintball NJ
Woodsball - Flag Pulls
Blue Crystals - 5 Points Each
General Kills - 500 Points
Gates Open: 7:00am
Check-In: 8:00am
Orientation: 9:00am - 9:30am
Game Start 1st Half: 10:00am
Lunch: 12:30pm - 1:30pm
Game Start 2nd Half: 1:30pm
Game End: 4:00pm
Ceremony: 4:15pm

No Smoke on the Field Please......... FIELD PAINT ONLY!!!

Thanks you and We look forward to seeing you out there on Gameday!!!

Pre Registrations are up - Goto WWW.QUICKSHOTPAINTBALL.COM and choose your sides!!

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