An Important Announcement from GA

An Important Announcement from GA

It has come to our attention this past week, that our local o-ring manufacturer sent our factory a small old batch of fill nipple o-rings. While the problem caused is random and sporadic (which is why it was not caught in subsequent quality assurance tests), some people have been experiencing an annoying failure rate with their fill nipple o-rings.

We want to, first and foremost, express our embarrassment and sadness that we even have to post such a thing. We take pride in the products we make and any let down for you is a double let down for us.

Second of all, we want to reassure anyone who has unfortunately experience this issue, please email us at or call us at (847) 640-9080 and we will IMMEDIATELY take care of you.

Once again, I want to express our regret and sorrow and now turn those words into action. We look forward to resolving this issue right away and continue onward with the stellar customer satisfaction you have come to expect from Guerrilla Air.


Your Guerrilla Air Team

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