Chris Lasoya Talks about Miami Effect

Chris Lasoya Talks about Miami Effect

Chris Lasoya was on the E-Money Action Sports show last night, and he had some interesting information regarding the Miami Effect and Smart Parts transaction we all heard about last week.

Lasoya has verified for the paintball world that Smart Parts has indeed purchased the NXL franchise Miami Effect, however he said that the team name will remain in the NXL. New players will be brought in to fill the currently-vacant Miami Effect roster, and the team name will continue to play in the NXL.

So what about the current team?

Lasoya has also confirmed that the old Miami Effect team is staying together, and they will enter into the NPPL Super 7 and Division 1 X-Ball. Just in time for the NPPL Tampa event. They will be competing under Team Infamous, and everyone is looking forward to seeing how they perform for their first event outside of the NXL.

As for the vacant Miami Effect roster, no one yet knows who will fill the slots, however following the trend of announcements - I would recommend keeping it tuned to and the E-Money Action Sports show for the latest developments in this story.

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