LA Infamous to Shoot the AXE for 2011

LA Infamous to Shoot the AXE for 2011

Empire Paintball announced today that Infamous will be shooting the Empire AXE marker in 2011. In addition to shooting the AXE, the team will be head to toe Empire.

“This has been a long time coming – a performance tournament marker from Empire is sick,” said Nicky Cuba of LA Infamous. “The Empire team has been pumping out sweet gear, loaders, and masks for years, it’s only natural that they would deliver a kick-a$! marker.”

“Let me Axe you a question…you want to get chopped down? You gonna say, no, no, not me – then stop your foolin’ and break down the door with the new AXE,”  said LA Infamous’, Todd Martinez.

Marcello Margott of Infamous said, “I use the AXE for one reason…to chop down my competition. Seriously, the ball flight, accruracy, and gentleness on paint has been epic.”

Last week, Empire Paintball announced that Sacramento XSV would also be shooting the AXE Marker for the season.
•    Extended grip and trigger frame and ergonomic grip for maximum comfort
•    Smooth and stable firing platform with feather light kick
•    Easy maintenance with unique push-button bolt out back design
•    Adjustable bearing trigger with micro-switch activation
•    On/Off ASA with integrated pressure regulator

“Infamous has been an Empire team from day one, and we couldn’t be prouder that they have chosen to shoot the AXE marker,” said Jason A. Taitano, VP of Marketing. “The team’s feedback on the gun has been that it is hands down a winner. Infamous has so much experience and talent, and now having both them and XSV shooting the marker sets the stage for a big year for Empire.”
Learn more at the Empire Paintball website.

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