Angel AR:K Paintball Marker

Angel AR:K Paintball Marker

Product:  Angel AR:K Marker
Price:  $975.00
Available:  Now
Check out some info about the all new Angel AR:K scenario paintball gun.

One of the biggest differences between the A1 series guns and the new Angel ARK paintball gun is the sealed breech. The new sealed breech will keep out any type of dirt or debris trying to enter the bolt or breech area of the gun.

Without question the Angel ARK paintball gun comes stock with a great set of break beam eyes so you will not chop a paintball at even the highest rates of fire. The stock barrel on the Angel AR:K paintball gun is Apex ready. Now you can just clamp on your Apex front and your gun is good to go!

All new color OLED circuit board is included with the Angel ARK paintball gun and has text available in different languages. The amenities of the Angel ARK dont stop there as you also get a very durable clamping feed neck that will securely hold your loader in place. Dont forget that the Angel ARK paintball gun is specifically designed for scenario and woodsball so the gun also comes with a collapsible stock kit.

The designers of the Angel ARK paintball gun have made this one of the lowest pressure and most efficient guns on the market. The Angel ARK can shoot over a full case of paint from one fill on a 68/4500 tank. The Low pressure operation of the Angel ARK paintball gun will also give you reduced recoil and unrivaled accuracy.

The new bolt kit that is included in the Angel ARK paintball gun uses a through flow technology which pre-delivers air to the paintball which reduces ball breaks in the breech. The through flow bolt also allows the Angel ARK to shoot more brittle paintballs without any problems.

The Angel ARK comes stock with a set of removable picatanny rails for the mounting of accessories. The picatanny rail is a standard size and is most commonly used for the mounting of flashlights, scopes, lasers and sights.

Fly Paper grip tape is mounted on both the grips and regulator of the Angel ARK paintball gun so you can have a great no-slip grip on your gun. The stock dual bearing ultra smooth Angel ARK paintball gun trigger has 4 points of adjust-ability and no lateral movement.

The Angel ARK paintball gun is one of the first Angel guns that works perfectly with both high and low pressure tanks. Previous model guns before the Angel ARK would only work consistent with low pressure air tanks.

The new stock board in the Angel ARK paintball gun is more adjustable than ever and works off a micro switch sensor. The micro switch is very smooth and will get you high rates of fire and still be fully tournament legal.
    * Enclosed Firing Chamber keeps dirt out
    * Angel ARK Break beam eyes
    * All new color OLED circuit board with text available in different languages
    * Angel ARK Apex barrel tip ready
    * 2000+ rounds from a 4500/68ci tank
    * No rise clamping feed neck
    * Adjustable collapsible stock included
    * Low pressure operation delivering reduced recoil and superb accuracy
    * Designed and assembled in the UK
    * New through flow bolt technology pre-delivering gas to the face of the ball to reduce ball breaks
    * Removable picatanny rails
    * Quick release dove tail stock mounting bracket
    * Fly paper traction strips on the inline regulator and grip frame
    * Dual bearing ultra smooth 4 point adjustable trigger with zero lateral movement
    * Angel ARK Paintball gun Unsurpassed fire power
    * Aluminum/polycarbonate grip cheeks
    * Magno valve technology(patented)
    * 3 shot PSP as well as many other tourney modes
    * Works with High or Low pressure tanks
    * More efficient than the A1 Fly
    * Angel ARK Micro-switch board
    * More user adjustments on the board(Like 12.4 bps for example)

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