ETV Artifact Episode #5 - The Chase

ETV Artifact Episode #5 - The Chase

"The Chase" is the 5th video in a new online documentary series called Artifact, produced by Planet Eclipse, creators of the EGO and GEO paintball markers. It chronicles the action sport of tournament paintball.

"The Chase" follows four Planet Eclipse teams that compete in the European Millennium Series, each pursuing a different destiny as the 2010 circuit comes to a close in Paris for the final event.

Part one features young up and coming Paris Camp Carnage, who have a chance to qualify for the professional Champions League if they give a strong showing at the Paris Millennium Cup tournament.

This [partial] episode of Artifact features music by [in order of appearance] Moonlit Sailor, Athletics, This Drama, Burns Out Bright.

Artifact is a collection of documentary shorts. The videos are narrated by acclaimed commentator, writer, and retired professional player Matt Marshall. Artifact is produced by Planet Eclipse, in association with Deep Elm Records, and Disconnected Media.

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