Chris Lasoya on G4's "Attack of the Show"

Chris Lasoya on G4's

"Attack of the Show", the premier program from the G4 network, has been covering a lot of paintball in the past year.  The cast and crew have visited a major scenario game, watched the pro finals at the NPPL Vegas Championship, and have  now returned to the field for their most in-depth and technical segment ever. 
Candace Bailey, the new star and co-host replacement of Olivia Munn for Attack of the Show, came down to the Hollywood Sports Paintball Park in Bellflower CA with another ATOS femme fatale, Sara Underwood, to receive some hands-on paintball training.  Their coach for the day was none other than the living legend himself, Chris Lasoya, who was assisted by three other top Southern California players including Bear D'Egidio, Brandon Lambertson, and Kimo Schaedel.
The girls were completely outfitted head to toe in great gear from Empire Paintball, with Candice wearing a matching set of red gear, and Sara in a matching set of black gear.  Candace was also given a brand new Victory Ripper from Bob Long Technologies to use for the day.
You can watch the full clip below. 

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