Black Market War Presents: Frozen Tundra

Black Market War Presents: Frozen Tundra

Title: "Frozen Tundra 2011"
Date: Saturday January 15th 2011
Host Field: Paintball Sports Inc. in Plattekill, NY.
Play Rates: $24.99 for Admission & Air - $49.99 per case of event Paint. Free entry to all 2011 Season Pass Holders!
Schedule Pre-Reg is open NOW on Black Market - Day of Game 8am - Regi OPENS - 9:30 Players Start Taking the field - 10:00AM GAME STARTS - 3:30PM GAME ENDS - 4:00pm AWARDS!

The Rebel Resistance



Federal Union of Nations is formed..

The newly formed Federal Union of Nations awards Government contracts for Security Enforcement (Mercenaries) to Globe Corp..

Oil being Pumped From a Well in Alaska has shone to have strange & potent qualities truly “Alien” in nature..F.U.N. Asks for help from the corporation & a secret Alaskan Research facility is activated in Noatak

December 2010

After repeated attacks on the Globecorp Oil Research Facility, the small Alaskan town of Noatak was placed under martial law by private contract soldiers hired by the F.U.N. government. Many townsfolk were taken in for questioning, some released, some not! Due to these circumstances, the locals re-formed their rebel militia, first formed 10 years ago during the Y2K crisis to disrupt the unlawful occupation of their town. the rebels prove to be quite the advisory keeping Globe corp. struggling to hold onto Noatak city where their research lab is ..the resistance took quite a toll on globe corps funding and oil production...eventually causing the F.U.N. backed corporation to attempt destroying Noatak city.

Not all was lost for globe corp. although their oil agenda was stalled, their real objective having to do with DNA and memory retrieval from persons of interest was very successful. No one is really sure what globe corp is doing with this data but it seemed more important than the fun oil they where to protect..

January 2011

Rebels have stolen a large supply of fuel from Globe Corp. to power their choppers & have forced Globe Corp to to start evacuating the research facility. Rumor has it a large FUN operation is en-route to a far north outpost to sweep south & wipe out the rebels at all cost...(it has been reported by Globe Corp. That the rebels are completely out of control & have destroyed half of Noatak city....)

Can Globe Corp. get its secret personnel, data, equipment, and mercenaries out of Noatak before they are overrun by rebel resistors or reinforced by fun troops and their nosy commanders?

Do the Rebels have the capability to stop the Globe Corp evacuation without destroying the oil pumping facilities?

Can they gather the evidence needed to discredit this dubious corporation & convince the Feds about the true nature of Globe Corp?

Will the Federal troops arrive in time to wipe out the Rebels?

Battlefield Layout: Winter Battlefield will be a mix of urban combat, woods fields with some structures, and varying snow covered terrain.
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