Paintball Superstar: Chuck Hendsch

Paintball Superstar: Chuck Hendsch

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If you’d told Chuck Hendsch a decade ago that today he’d be running what is possibly the best team in paintball, as well as running the largest tournament series in the United States, he probably would have just laughed. Most any of us would have. It’s not often that you get to make a living doing something you love. Hendsch got lucky and says “[I] fell in love with paintball and made a career out of it.”
Hendsch is the team owner for Dynasty. The team first broke into the tournament scene at the 2001 Mardi Gras Open. They entered in the pro division and battled their way to a 2nd place finish, surprising the competition.

Hendsch played paintball for the first time in 1984, when paintball was still confined to the woods. At the time, he was playing on a soccer team when the coach decided to open a paintball field. Hendsch began playing at the field and soon was reffing to make a little extra cash. It wasn’t long before he left the soccer field for the paintball field.

After his school years, Hendsch began working at a pharmaceutical company. He didn't stay long outside of the paintball industry though. The company he worked for also made paintballs, which helped him make a transition to his next job at JT. Soon after, he opened his own field and began playing some serious paintball.
In 2001, after playing on other tournament teams, including Kapp and the Black Diamonds, Chuck Hendsch decided he wanted to create a team of his own. Hendsch originally played as a regular on the team, but nowadays he has a reduced role because of his involvements in the rest of the paintball industry. Besides himself, there are only the 10 other guys on the team. "I like to keep it just the 10 guys, with no alternates," says Chuck. The decision to create Dynasty may have been one of the smartest he’s made. Since hitting the tournament scene, Dynasty has made a huge name for themselves as well as racking up the trophies.
Besides heading up Dynasty, Hendsch has also been leading the NPPL as President and acting as the West Coast Sales Manager for National Paintball Supply. As the NPPL President, Hendsch says he wants to “work on growing the sport.”
Hendsch recently returned from Germany, where Dynasty took 1st place at Max Masters, part of the Millennium Series. Hendsch has been continually impressed with the Millennium Series. “The Millennium Series is amazing…I don’t know why we can’t do that over here,” wondered Hendsch. Perhaps reconciliation between the NPPL and PSP could result in a tournament series more like the Millennium.
In recent news, Hendsch has agreed to serve as a Co-Producer for the new television series, Splatter Factor. “The show,” explains Hendsch, “portrays paintball in a competitive light and should help to promote the sport.” Hendsch will serve as an advisor to the show and also help with ties inside the paintball industry. The show is set to debut this summer. He hopes his “efforts are going to bring more people into paintball.”
Chuck- we hope so to too!

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