Decay of Nations V: Fallen Empires

Decay of Nations V:  Fallen Empires

Decay of Nations V

"Fallen Empires"

When:  August 27th - 28th, 2011

Where:  SC Village Paintball Park - Chino, CA

The Story
It has been more than 70 years since the fall of capitalism, and the age of the internet is reaching a critical boiling point.  Social networking conglomerates now wield vast political and economic power, as their ability to influence and trade resources with over  half of the planet’s internet users have made them a world power.  The UNA (United Nations of America), victorious in their last world conflict against the combined forces of the sinister oil barons from the EKRON corporation and the United Asian Front, have aligned themselves with the largest social networking site, TELECOM , and turned their territories into police states which are ruled with an iron fist.  

Global dependency on fossil fuels has been all but completely removed, and reliance on traditional natural resources such as water and minerals has become widespread, placing a strain on humanities sensibilities.  All surviving nations from the last global war, starving for resources, have been locked in a pitched battle over control of key internet elements including social connectivity, economic safeholds, worldwide telecommunications, and resource trading.  

EKRON, humiliated in their latest disastrous attempt to wrest power from the UNA, has been forced underground.  As a last ditch effort, the Middle Eastern oil barons of EKRON have merged  with the United Asian Front military to form a single nation, the EKRON Asia Empire.  They have since used what remaining oil assets exist to stockpile chemical and nuclear weapons as well as form new alliances in a bid to undergo a new military campaign that will finally shift the balance of power in their favor.  Little do they know, the UNA has similar interests, and the lives of millions hangs in the balance as a result.

Through extensive research and development, scientists from both the UNA and EKRON Asia Empire have discovered the existence of seven "Keys to the Internet", which possess the power to completely reboot the World Wide Web as we know it.  Only five of the seven keys are needed to access the global server, and an initiative from both nations has now been launched, with each side desperate to gain control of the keys.  The battle for the Internet has begun.

The UNA has started to amass their armies, including the reformation of alliances with past allies from the Old Americas and United Mexico militias, to start their global campaign towards finding the keys.  UNA President Jonas Soloman Smith has issued Executive Order 211 and assumed full military control of all UNA forces as a response of his paranoia to the corruption and assignation plots within his own government, as well as his personal hatred towards TELECOM, who he fears is interested in more than just social updates.   For reasons known only to himself, the President released an emergency distress call containing a single cryptic phrase, “Is there no help for the widow’s son”.  Immediately afterwards, he reached out to the leading global religious leader, Supreme Spiritual Chancellor Fernando Benedicto, who claims to have knowledge of the whereabouts of the keys and has allied with the UNA forces.  

Unbeknownst to the UNA however, the EKRON Asia Empire have taken the lead in the key quest by enlisting the help of Vinton Cerf the Third, the great grandson of the legendary Vinton Cerf, the founder of the Internet. With his help, the EKRON Asia Empire has already been able to locate one of the keys, which they plan to use to remove TELECOM’s presence from the internet, discover the location of the UNA’s secret natural resource deposits, and crush their enemies in total, absolute victory.    

The UNA, confident in their chances of repeat success over their defeated opponent, are planning on using the keys to corrupt EKRON Asia Empire missile launch codes to and establish further social networking influence and dominance along with TELECOM.  What neither nation is prepared for though, is that agents from a worldwide shadow government have infiltrated the highest levels of power in both the UNA and EKRON Asian Empire forces, an organization rumored to be headed by someone within the UNA.  They too know of the existence of the seven keys and have launched their own plot to acquire the fabled items so that the status quo is maintained, as their plans fr global domination, a cataclysmic event 1,500 years in the making, requires for the balance of power to remain unchanged for the time being.

The search for the six remaining keys will take all nations across every continent on the planet.  Whoever controls the keys controls the internet.  Whoever controls the internet, controls the world.

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