The Great American Paintball Tour

The Great American Paintball Tour


The APT is a coalition of the biggest and best scenario paintball events in the world.  For the first time ever, the largest scenario game producers have come together to form a year-long tour that combines the production and marketing efforts of the top scenario events and combining it with a brand new ranking and points system that will allow players to accumulate points throughout the season which can be used to improve your league ranking and earn other benefits.   The APT exists as a way to streamline the marketing of large-scale events, and grow the number of recreational players that participate in these games.  Together, all APT events will be work as one to increase the camaraderie that players experience at quality paintball productions. 
The APT will be rewarding players for participating in APT-affiliated events by distributing points for various achievements that range from entering the event, dressing up in character, making a prop, forming a league team, being a part of an event-winning side, etc.  Players will also be rewarded points for forming teams and playing APT events together as a squad throughout the season.  At the end of the season, the top players and teams will be awarded prize packages.  There will also be one APT player at each event that will be recognized and rewarded with prizes during the end-game ceremony.  
Accomplishment                                                                      Points Awarded
Play Any APT Event                                                                   25pts
Play Any APT Event on an Organized                                       50pts
Team of 10 Players or Less      
Be on the Winning Side                                                           2pts   
Participate & Complete a Mission                                            2pts
Create an Event Prop (Law Rockets, Tanks)                           2pts
Come in Character (Roleplay)                                                  2pts
Submit a Relevant Story to                                2pts
Submit a Team Profile to                                    2pts
Submit a Relevant Video to                                2pts
Additional Points for Game Size
Under 1,000 Players              1 Extra Point
Over 1,000 Players                2 Extra Points
Over 1,500 Players                3 Extra Points
Over 2,000 Players                4 Extra Points
Over 2,500 Players                5 Extra Points
Over 3,000 Players                6 Extra Points

2011 Schedule of Events

Event #1 Living Legends
When: May 21st - 22nd
Where: CPX Sports Paintball
Event #2 Oklahoma D-Day
When: June 6th - 12th
Where: D-Day Adventure Park
Event #3 Invasion of Normandy
When: July 16th - 17th
Where: Skirmish USA
Event #4 Michigan Monster Game
When:  July 23rd - 24th
Where:  Hell Survivors Paintball Park
Event #5 Decay of Nations V
When: August 27th - 28th
Where: SC Village Paintball Park
The official site for the APT will be up in just a few weeks, so stay tuned to for more updates as they happen.  Any promoters or sponsors interested in being a part of the largest scenario game series in the world should send an email to

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